Location3 Media Reaches Food Drive Goal!

Location3 Media Collects 152 Pounds!

Location3 Media Collects 152 Pounds!

I just received word that Location3 Media reached their goal of collecting 150 (152, actually!) pounds for the Avenue Z Virtual Food Drive. I’m so thankful to Angie and the crew for their help and support. What a way to end a year — helping people who need it.

Thank you, Location3!


12 2009

Fabulous Progress! The Twitter Community Comes Together

The Tweeting Community is behind the Virtual Food Drive! Here’s a partial list of the cool, cool, cool people spreading the word on Twitter.

It’s so easy to give! Just GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE and come back to register your donation. We’re trying to help food drives all over the world.

Thanks for stopping by!


12 2009

You won’t believe how easy it is to get donations

My donation box in our mailroom

My donation box in our mailroom

I have the super-secret key to getting neighbors and colleagues to donate canned goods for the Virtual Food Drive….


Yep, ask. Knock on their office doors, step into their cubicles, walk up to their front steps. I’ve been waiting on the delivery of my bins and boxes from the San Diego Food Bank for several days, and I finally decided that was silly. Why do I need an “official” bin to collect goods? I just grabbed an empty box from Fabulous Supporter SDPrint.com and stuck a sign on it (download your own sign here!). The first donations came a couple of days ago, and last night when I left the office, I stopped a couple of blocks from home and knocked on a few doors. Here’s a sample of the responses I got:

  • Oh, I’d love to help. My wife isn’t home, and I’m scared to take food that she may be saving, so can you come back tomorrow? I’ll leave a bag on the porch.
  • Oh, I just gave the other day, but I don’t want you to go away empty handed. Let me see what I have.
  • Sure, thanks for doing this! Let me go check.
  • All I have right now is two cans of soup and some coffee. Sorry I can’t help. (The smell of pot wafted through the door as I stood there, and I almost gave HIM food so he could manage the munchies when they hit.)

In about an hour, I received about 30 pounds of goods, plus I met some wonderful people. Not bad for a last-minute effort. And the custodian here at the building said he’s getting together a big box of goods to bring next week. “Great,” I said. “My goal for the building is 150 pounds.” “You’ll get that easily,” he said. “We all need to give. We have to do something!”

Please take a moment to pledge your own personal donation to the drive, and don’t be afraid to ask around. People really do love to help.


12 2009

Donor Spotlight: BigManWalking

The Twitter King @BigManWalking helped get the Virtual Food Drive off the ground last year, and he’s back with another generous donation (50 pounds) for the Ladle Fellowship. His blog is always worth reading….

Thanks again, Charlie!


12 2009

Download: Your Food Drive Sign

If you’re one of our Fabulous Supporters, download this¬†Food Drive flyer to hang on the boxes at your collection site.


12 2009

Fabulous Supporter, Year 2! Location3 Media

For the second year in a row, Angie from Location3 Media is hosting a food drive at the office to support the Virtual Food Drive. Angie estimates they’ll be bringing in about 150 pounds of food donations to benefit the Food Bank of the Rockies. Thanks, Angie!


12 2009

Fabulous Supporter: SDprint.com

Mario Prado and SDprint.com just volunteered to organize a collection site here in Pacific Beach, CA. Thanks, Mario! I’m sure he’s going to gather many pounds of donations because of his extensive network of friends and colleagues.


12 2009

New Fabulous Supporter!: Andrea Braxton at Indyme Solutions

My wonderful running buddy Andrea Braxton just volunteered to fire up the staff at Indyme Solutions. Last year they came through with box after box of donations, and this year Andrea is shooting for twice the support!

Become a Fabulous Supporter today — just let me know you’re organizing a neighborhood, office or school drive, or simply pledge to donate individually to your favorite local food bank.

Register your pledge now!


12 2009

The Virtual Food Drive: Give where you live then come back and share!

Welcome to the 2009 Virtual Food Drive!


Last year’s drive was such a success that we’re back this year… bigger and better than ever! It’s so easy to participate — just GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE and register here!

Participate individually by simply giving a private donation, or become a FABULOUS SUPPORTER by collecting from neighbors or colleagues. Our fabulous supporters receive special recognition, and people who leave their website when they donate are added to the donor list to the right.

Don’t forget to tell us who you’re donating to, so we can share the names of the worthy organizations who are receiving help all over the country (and the world!).

Don’t wait — PLEDGE NOW!


11 2009